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#ifndef MPEG_FILE_H
#define MPEG_FILE_H

#include <id3.h>

#include "audio_file.h"

typedef struct {
      size_t offset;          // file offset of this frame
      guint8 raw[4];          // raw header (4 bytes)
      guint8 major_version;
      guint8 minor_version;
      guint8 layer;
      gint bit_rate;
      gint sample_rate;
      gchar *channel_mode;
      gboolean copyright;
      gboolean original;
} frame_header;

typedef struct { 
      /* common part -- must match struct audio_file defined in audio_file.h */
      guint8 type;
      FILE *file;
      char *name;
      gboolean editable;
      gboolean changed;

      af_delete_func          delete;
      af_get_desc_func  get_desc;
      af_get_info_func  get_info;
      af_has_tag_func         has_tag;
      af_create_tag_func      create_tag;
      af_remove_tag_func      remove_tag;
      af_write_changes_func   write_changes;
      af_set_field_func set_field;
      af_get_field_func get_field;
      af_dump_func            dump;
      af_edit_load_func edit_load;
      af_edit_unload_func     edit_unload;

      /* mpeg specific part */
      frame_header header;    /* data taken from the first frame's header */
      ID3Tag* v1_tag;         /* ID3 tag, v1 */
      ID3Tag* v2_tag;         /* ID3 tag, v2 */
      gboolean has_v1_tag;    /* TRUE if file currently has a v1 tag */
      gboolean has_v2_tag;    /* TRUE if file currently has a v2 tag */
      gboolean orig_v1_tag;   /* TRUE if file originally had a v1 tag */
      gboolean orig_v2_tag;   /* TRUE if file originally had a v2 tag */

} mpeg_file;

 * MPEG implementation of the standard audio_file functions

int mpeg_file_new(mpeg_file **f, const char *filename, gboolean editable);
void mpeg_file_delete(mpeg_file *f);
const gchar *mpeg_file_get_desc(mpeg_file *f);
const gchar *mpeg_file_get_info(mpeg_file *f);
gboolean mpeg_file_has_tag(mpeg_file *f);
void mpeg_file_create_tag(mpeg_file *f);
void mpeg_file_remove_tag(mpeg_file *f);
int mpeg_file_write_changes(mpeg_file *f);
int mpeg_file_set_field(mpeg_file *f, int field, const char *value);
int mpeg_file_get_field(mpeg_file *f, int field, const char **value);
void mpeg_file_dump(mpeg_file *f);
void mpeg_file_edit_load(mpeg_file *f);
void mpeg_file_edit_unload(mpeg_file *f);

 * MPEG specific functions

/* These are the same as the standard functions, but allow specifying which 
 * tag version to work on.  Version is either ID3TT_ID3V1 or ID3TT_ID3V2. */
gboolean mpeg_file_has_tag_v(mpeg_file *f, int version);
void mpeg_file_create_tag_v(mpeg_file *f, int version);
void mpeg_file_remove_tag_v(mpeg_file *f, int version);
int mpeg_file_set_field_v(mpeg_file *f, int version, int field, const char *value);
int mpeg_file_get_field_v(mpeg_file *f, int version, int field, const char **value);

/* Get/set a frame's text.  For non-text frames, set has no effect and 
 * get returns a NULL value */
int mpeg_file_set_frame_text(mpeg_file *f, int version, ID3Frame *frame, const char *value);
int mpeg_file_get_frame_text(mpeg_file *f, int version, ID3Frame *frame, const char **value);

/* Remove a frame from a tag */
int mpeg_file_remove_frame(mpeg_file *f, int version, ID3Frame *frame);

/* Gets an array with the frames present in the tag. The return value is 
 * the number of frames returned.
 * Caller is responsible for freeing the array */
int mpeg_file_get_frames(mpeg_file *f, int version, ID3Frame ***frames);

/* Gets information about a frame type.  Unwanted output parameters can be NULL. */
void mpeg_file_get_frame_info(int frame_id, const char **name, const char** desc, gboolean *editable, gboolean *simple);

/* Gets the list of frame IDs that are editable.  The array must not be altered 
 * or freed.  The return value is the number of elements in the array. */
int mpeg_file_get_editable_frame_ids(int **ids);


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