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#ifndef ELIST_H
#define ELIST_H

 *    Crude wrapper for glib lists (GList).
 *    Keeps track of the list length and last element so that common
 *    operations like append and concat don't take O(n). This is how the
 *    glib lists should have worked in the first place... sheesh!
 *    Also adds macros that let you treat the list as a stack or a queue.

typedef struct {
  GList *first;
  GList *last;
  gulong length;
} GEList;

#define  GLIST(list)          ((list)->first)

GEList*      g_elist_new            ();                     /* new */
void   g_elist_free           (GEList           *list);
void   g_elist_free_data      (GEList           *list);           /* new */

void   g_elist_append         (GEList           *list,
                         gpointer    data);
void   g_elist_prepend  (GEList           *list,
                         gpointer    data);
void   g_elist_insert         (GEList           *list,
                         gpointer    data,
                         gint        position);
void   g_elist_insert_sorted  (GEList           *list,
                         gpointer    data,
                         GCompareFunc      func);
void   g_elist_clear          (GEList           *list);           /* new */
void   g_elist_remove         (GEList           *list,
                         gpointer    data);
void   g_elist_remove_link    (GEList           *list,
                         GList            *llink);
gpointer g_elist_extract      (GEList           *list,            /* new */
                         GList            *llink);
GEList*      g_elist_concat         (GEList           *list1,
                         GEList           *list2);
GEList*      g_elist_copy           (GEList           *list);
void   g_elist_reverse  (GEList           *list);
void   g_elist_sort           (GEList           *list,
                         GCompareFunc      compare_func);

#define  g_elist_push(l,d)    (g_elist_append(l,d))         /* new */
#define  g_elist_pop(l)       (g_elist_extract(l,(l)->last))      /* new */
#define  g_elist_enqueue(l,d) (g_elist_append(l,d))         /* new */
#define  g_elist_dequeue(l)   (g_elist_extract(l,(l)->first))     /* new */

#define  g_elist_last(l)      ((l)->last)
#define  g_elist_first(l)     ((l)->first)
#define  g_elist_length(l)    ((l)->length)


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