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#include <vorbis/vorbisfile.h>
#include "audio_file.h"

typedef struct { 
      /* common part -- must match struct audio_file defined in audio_file.h */
      guint8 type;
      FILE *file;
      char *name;
      gboolean editable;
      gboolean changed;

      af_delete_func          delete;
      af_get_desc_func  get_desc;
      af_get_info_func  get_info;
      af_has_tag_func         has_tag;
      af_create_tag_func      create_tag;
      af_remove_tag_func      remove_tag;
      af_write_changes_func   write_changes;
      af_set_field_func set_field;
      af_get_field_func get_field;
      af_dump_func            dump;
      af_edit_load_func edit_load;
      af_edit_unload_func     edit_unload;

      /* ogg vorbis specific part */
      OggVorbis_File ov;
      GHashTable *comments;

} vorbis_file;

 * Vorbis implementation of the standard audio_file functions

int vorbis_file_new(vorbis_file **f, const char *filename, gboolean editable);
void vorbis_file_delete(vorbis_file *f);
const gchar *vorbis_file_get_desc(vorbis_file *f);
const gchar *vorbis_file_get_info(vorbis_file *f);
gboolean vorbis_file_has_tag(vorbis_file *f);
void vorbis_file_create_tag(vorbis_file *f);
void vorbis_file_remove_tag(vorbis_file *f);
int vorbis_file_write_changes(vorbis_file *f);
int vorbis_file_set_field(vorbis_file *f, int field, const char *value);
int vorbis_file_get_field(vorbis_file *f, int field, const char **value);
void vorbis_file_dump(vorbis_file *f);
void vorbis_file_edit_load(vorbis_file *f);
void vorbis_file_edit_unload(vorbis_file *f);

 * Vorbis specific functions

int vorbis_file_get_field_by_name(vorbis_file *f, const char *name, const char **value);
int vorbis_file_set_field_by_name(vorbis_file *f, const char *name, const char *value);
int vorbis_file_append_field_by_name(vorbis_file *f, const char *name, const char *value);

int vorbis_file_get_std_fields(const char ***names);


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