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 * Creates a modal message box and waits for the user to close it. 
 * Returns an integer indicating which button was clicked.
 * NOTE: Only one message_box can be visible at any given time.
 * <transient>    If not NULL, the dialog is made transient for this window.
 * <title>  Dialog title.
 * <text>   Dialog message text.
 * <defbutton>    Default button (or < 0 for none).
 * <...>    Variable number of arguments of type char* with the button labels 
 *          or stock button IDs. Last argument must be NULL.
 * return   The index of the button that was clicked, or < 0 if the dialog 
 *          was closed by other means.
int message_box( GtkWindow *transientfor, 
             char *title, 
             char* text, 
             int defbutton, 
             ... );


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