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#ifndef GTK_UTIL_H
#define GTK_UTIL_H

 * Sets <iter> to the currently selected row. If there is more than one 
 * row selected returns the first one.
 * <tree>   The tree view
 * <model>  (output) If not NULL, is set to the tree view's model.
 * <iter>   (output) If not NULL, is set to the first selected row.
 * return   TRUE if there is a selected row, FALSE otherwise.
gboolean gtk_tree_view_get_first_selected( GtkTreeView *tree, 
                                 GtkTreeModel **model, 
                                 GtkTreeIter *iter );

 * Sets the maximum number of characters the GtkEditable will accept.
 * <editable>     A GtkEditable widget.
 * <max_chars>    Maximum number of characters. 0 means no limit.
void gtk_editable_set_max_chars( GtkEditable *editable, 
                         guint max_chars );


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